shiso / perilla

mint family Perilla frutescens purpurea

Purple (annual) Shiso / Perilla

It’s Shizo time! This Japanese traditional spice found its way to our local cuisine. The beautiful, 100-cm high plant shows off purple leaves with pink flowers. It delights the eyes as an ornament in the garden and then surprises the taste buds with its exotic flavour. The leaves are sliced just before serving with soup, pasta, rice, or stir-fried vegetables.

Sow from mid-April into planter boxes in a warm place. Seeds germinate easily, so do not cover with soil. Transfer to larger pots or boxes at 5 ✕ 5 cm spacing. Later, transplant after May 20 into the field at 40 ✕ 40 cm spacing. Sow into pots for balcony gardens. Harvest the young shoots continually throughout the season. Frost-free culture is necessary.

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Sowing quantity 5 - 6 g/Are

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Portion (ca. 50 seeds)
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5 g (800 seeds/g)
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