composite plants, daisy family Lactuca sativa var. capitata

Salatsamen der Sorte "Wunder der Vier Jahreszeiten". Sehr robuste und zuverlässige Sorte. Diese Salatsorte ist sehr gut geeignet für den Biogarten.

Wonder of the Four Seasons Head lettuce

This time-tested heirloom variety is a true wonder! Like almost no other lettuce, this variety can be planted most of the year. It does not bolt fast in the heat, so it lets us keep indulging in its delicious salad greens on even the hottest days. It yields a delicate, medium-sized head with reddish leaves and a bright-green crunchy heart.

Sow from March to July in seedling trays. Transplant to the field at a distance of 30 ✕ 30 cm. Lettuce likes regular watering.

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Sowing quantity 3 - 5 g/Are

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Portion (ca. 200 seeds)
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